Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Weekend of Firsts.

This weekend, Needles and I headed South to Owensboro. We were going to visit with family we hadn't seen for a while. When we arrived Friday afternoon we sat and talked for a bit and shortly we were headed out for supper at Pizzaroma. The dirty bread appetizers were awesome follow shorty by the half and half pizza. It was all very good and I ate my fill before we rolled out of there and to Yolo for gelato. I had the coffee while Needles had the Mascarpone. This was the first first. I haven't ever had gelato. It was very good and difficult to say that it is much different that high butterfat ice cream. After the gelato we went to the local library and set in on Unscripted an Indie Film Xperience. We watched to films, the first being They Said They Were Here To Help. An interesting concept on a zombie movie and the second Obsolescence, a movie with a genetic manipulation conspiracy and people with expiration dates built in. They were both very interesting and I enjoyed them. It was good to have the director/ producers there to answer questions and explain some of the visions behind the movie. We left the movie and discussed them both into the night until time to go to bed. Saturday morning we had breakfast and then headed out for a few shopping stops but then to possibly the highlight of the trip, we went to Wasabi Express for sushi. I have tried sushi before on some of the Chinese Restaurants buffet ans was still unsure if I would like it. Lets just say that it was amazing. My cousin recommended the Wasabi roll and I chose the Dynamite Roll for a second. They were both very good but if I had to choose between the two the Wasabi Roll would win hands down. It was the prefect blend of sweet and savory. I can't wait to try it again someday.We returned home and watched a new series on Netflixs. The show is called House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. We watched 3 episodes and they were all very good and ended up going to bed pretty late. This morning we had breakfast and sat in the living room talking about various things but one of the main topics is us doing way with our satellite T.V. We are considering going to Roku- streaming T.V. In fact we have already ordered the device and plan on making the switch this week, especially because when we got home we had a DirecTV bill waiting on us announcing the upcoming rate increase. We have been with DirecTV for about 13 years and I think we aren't getting our moneys worth. Just because you have been doing something for that long doesn't mean you have to keep doing it.

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