Thursday, March 09, 2017

Wheel Job

After I mounted the new tires on the wheels the bar scuffed up and peeled some off the paint of the wheels so I repainted them. They were a silver color from the factory but I thought a nice matte black would look nicer.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Unusually Warm February

Well the groundhog saw his shadow but I think he might need glasses. We have had unseasonably warm weather for February. We have had several days in the 60's and a few touching 70's. Tomorrow night we are supposed to be getting severe storms tomorrow night so I hope they aren't as bad as they have made them out to be. Valentines Day has come and gone and Needles and I went out to eat at Thainamite to celebrate Valentines Day. The service was a bit lacking and they ran out of propane to cook just after opening. I would think that for a restaurant, that would be something you would check before opening on a weekend. We might try them again sometime but it will be awhile. Last weekend I took my 4 wheeler down to the farm to try out the new tires and I think they did quite well. It was a bit muddy in the field so the ATV got a nice mud bath. Luckily most of it missed me and landed on the fenders. March just might come in like a lion, time will tell.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year!

With all the people we have lost in the entertainment community I guess I am lucky to make it to the new year. 2016 was a doozy so I hope that we can make it through the next few years healthy and happy. I hope the new year finds you the same.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I had a nice Christmas and got way more than I deserve and ate way too much, as usual. On Dec. 17th we had X-mas with my family at my Brothers house. Mom and Dad made the 3 hour drive up and after we ate and open gifts they turned around and drove back home due to a chance of freezing rain later that evening. It did get rather nasty here for part of the next day. Christmas day we headed down to the farm with cooked turkey packed up. After all the uncles arrived and we exchanged gifts  and conversed as some of the food was still cooking. We usually exchange scratch off lottery tickets every year as something fun to do. The most any of us has ever won was $100 by Needles Mom several years ago, that is until this X-mas. I got a ticket from Needles Uncle K and after scratching the ticket I could not believe my eyes. I won $1000 dollars. I told the family and we all were amazed that finally after many years of exchanging tickets and winning a dollar or two here and there that one of us finally won a nice chunk of change. Probably the most unbelievable thing was that it was me. I am the most unlucky person alive. If there was a room of 10 people and they were handing out 9 prizes, I would be the one walking out with nothing. Anyway I was extremely surprised at my luck and Needles and I had to send the ticket off to be processed. I hope that this might be a sign of what the new year has in store for me as other things seem to be swirling the shitter. Above is a picture of the bridge at the south end of the farm built for the logging that will be happening this year.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Thursday we went down to the farm after putting the 22 lb. turkey in the oven at 6:20am. We slept in and around 10am we pulled the huge bird from the oven only to find that it wasn't near done at 130 degrees. The giant bird needed another hour at least, so this delayed our leaving for the farm. The bird got to temp and we packed up the food and headed down to see the family. We got there around noon with a few things to finished up when we got to the farm. We all ate way too much as usual and finished off with a desert of squash pie. On Friday we headed down to Kentucky to see my family. The traffic was surprisingly light for it to be black Friday. We arrived around noon and Mom had lunch ready. While we were there we did some shopping and again ate too much. On Saturday we went out to eat Chinese at their local place. We return home on Sunday to enjoy what was left of the weekend before returning to the work week. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Southern Illinois Irish Festival 2016

Just a few clips and photos of our visit to the Festival.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Goats on the Roof!

We just got back from a vacation in Pigeon Forge Tennessee where I got to ride a very fun rollercoaster. Watch the video above. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Follow Me

Just a quick clip testing out the Hubsan 501S Follow Me Mode.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Excitement last weekend.

Last Saturday Needles and I was setting in the living room and all of a sudden we hear what sounded like a bomb go off. Too quick for a earthquake so I went outside to see if a low flying jet may have flown past. That's when Needle noticed the neighbors house was being burned and the geniuses started the fire with gasoline. They started out with a little bit of the house in a hole and was supposed to add portions of the remaining house into the already burning portion a little at a time. Well it did go as planned. Apparently when pulling the dozer bucket from the already burning part to grab more of the house yet to be burn they transferred a flame that set all of the existing house a blaze. The local fire department responded and a couple of trees caught fire and there was heat damage to a neighbors house. The blaze was so hot we could feel it on our back patio and we were a go 80 yards from the inferno. Anyway here is some clips of the excitement.

Bit by the drone bug.

As you read before I had some ups and downs with the Syma X5C drone with one flying away and a another flying into the tree but I have now got several hours of drone flying under my belt and have progress to get a little more advanced machine. After a few weeks of investigation and not really wanting to commit to a Phantom, I decided to go a little more affordable route. Gearbest was having a sale so I purchased a Hubsan H501S. It has several nice features that will allow me to fly without constant input and fighting the wind. It also has a higher transmitter frequency so it has a lot more range than the Syma. About a week ago I took it down to the farm for its maiden flight with a lot of open field and very little wind for my first time flying the new drone. If you would want to watch a few clips from that flight I will attach the video below.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016