Friday, November 23, 2012


This Thanksgiving is one of adjustment. We have been going down to the farm the evening before Thanksgiving for some 15 years but this year required a bit of a change due to recent events. We are all picking up with our new rolls and making the best of it. We arrived at the farm around 6:30am Thanksgiving morning and got the turkey ready to go into the oven just after 7:00am. While the turkey was percolating, I attacked cleaning the refrigerator and Needles waged war on the kitchen floor. After the cleaning session we settled in until the Uncles rolled in with their contributions to the upcoming feast. Right at noon we pulled the turkey from the oven and the smell exploded like a bomb into the kitchen air. It was hard to finished the sides while we awaited the bird to rest before diving into it. We all made our rounds and filled our plates. The turkey was accompanied by dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, homemade rolls and cranberry salad. Dessert was home made squash pie with cool whip and vanilla ice cream. We all ate our fill and then found something to do to keep the sleepiness at bay. After the clean up and packing up some food to bring home we headed home arriving just after 5pm. It was along day but it was nice to get together with the family for the holiday. Hope you also had a Happy Thanksgiving.

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