Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Guests

This weekend Cynical and Ragged came to visit. After they arrive Friday night Needles made homemade tomato soup with dill bread and for dessert blueberry crisp ala mode. It was all very good and we settled in to the living room and got to catch up on current events. Saturday morning we had a trip to Vincennes scheduled so after breakfast and getting ready we were on the road. We made it over to the yarn shop as requested by the ladies. After the ladies got to peruse the yarn we headed down the road to Windy Knolls Winery. I picked up a raspberry wine along with a peach and pomegranate. Ragged also picked the peach, pomegranate and also a blueberry. After our purchases we made our way into town for some lunch. We decided on Quickies and then a stop off at the coffee shop for some salted caramel mochas. Following lunch and  coffee we made a stop at Pop Around the Clock. On our way home we dropped in on Rudy and Brandos for a visit. We headed home about Supper time where Needles had chili in the crock pot. With our bellies full of chili we retired to the living room for a movie and conversation. Cynical fell out early and before long it was midnight and time for bed. This morning we had breakfast and enjoyed the warm yet windy morning. All too quickly our guests decide it was time to head home. We enjoyed our time together and hope to visit with them again soon.

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